Family Law

Real Solutions In Family Law

We know that family conflicts and legal proceedings are stressful. Family law is all we do. You can turn to our knowledgeable and compassionate attorney for solid advice and strong advocacy.

Charity Borserine draws on 25 years of experience in the Dallas-Fort Worth family courts as an attorney and former paralegal. She is approachable and eager to help, especially where children are involved. Through legal representation or mediation services, the Borserine Law Office will help you achieve your goals and protect the best interests of you and your children.

Guidance From An Experienced Family Law Attorney

Charity Borserine is well-versed in all areas of Texas family law, including:

  • Adoption law – We assist parents in this complex area of law, from the legal hoops of agency and private adoptions to stepparent adoption and terminating parental rights.
  • Child custody – Charity Borserine will fight for your parental rights and help you negotiate co-parenting arrangements that are practical and healthy for both the children and the adults.
  • Fathers’ rights – We represent men in establishing paternity and asserting their rights to joint custody or visitation.
  • Modifications of orders – As circumstances change, it may be necessary to revisit court orders. We represent either parent in hearings for custody modifications, parental relocation and adjustments to child support.
  • Child protection – Charity Borserine has special training in Child Protective Services (CPS) cases involving child abuse or neglect. She advocates for children, parents or third parties such as grandparents.
  • Domestic violence – We help clients obtain family violence protective orders if they have been abused or threatened.
  • Divorce proceedings – We help you set priorities and protect your long-term interests in property division, alimony and other facets of dissolving your marriage.

It Doesn’t Have To Be A Fight

Our philosophy is not to “win” at family law, but to help parents and families solve conflicts. Charity Borserine is a formidable trial lawyer when litigation is unavoidable and you need to protect your child or your own rights. But she is a strong believer in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. Mediation is typically quicker and less expensive than litigation, and it gives you a say in the outcome rather than letting a judge impose a solution.

Charity is certified in both family law mediation and CPS mediation, and she can provide counsel as your lawyer or serve as the neutral mediator for both parties.

Advocacy And Compassion When You Need It Most

The Borserine Law Office is here to listen to you, to stand up for you, and to guide you through these tough times. Call 469-207-1255 or contact us online to arrange your initial consultation with a caring and capable attorney.