Helping Couples And Families Solve The Problems Of Divorce

The divorce process is a series of conflicts and decisions. Everything in your lives has been intertwined, making it hard to untie the knots of marriage and go your separate ways. Divorce is all the more complicated when children are involved. As co-parents, you will still need to cooperate, communicate and compromise in raising your kids.

At the Borserine Law Office, we help people move forward through advice and representation in divorce proceedings or through mediation services. Our goal is to help you reach those elusive solutions that both of you can live with. Charity Borserine practices exclusively in family law and has worked in the local courts for 25 years as a lawyer and legal assistant. As one of the few board-certified specialists in child welfare law, she has a knack for defusing conflict and keeping the focus on the children and productive negotiations.

A Comprehensive Approach To Your Divorce

Charity Borserine starts with a close look at your unique circumstances, from the family dynamics to the nature of your assets, to provide perspective and strategies for divorce. She can knowledgeably address every issue that might arise, including:

  • Property division – It’s not as simple as dividing by two. We help you get a handle on your total estate and your priorities and then find creative tradeoffs to reach a property settlement. Charity can address retirement accounts, the marital residence, a small business or professional practice, and other complex assets, as well as how to divide jointly held debts.
  • Alimony – When spouses have unequal incomes, spousal support may be awarded on a short-term basis to help the lesser-earning spouse get established. If alimony is likely to be awarded, it is a useful bargaining tool.
  • Domestic violence – If there has been spousal abuse or if you fear for the safety of yourself or your children when making the split, we will help you get an order of protection.
  • Child custody and parenting time – This is often the greatest source of conflict and also Charity Borserine’s greatest area of strength. She is uniquely qualified to advocate for your custody rights and to help you find a healthy middle ground. She can guide you in crafting a parenting plan that is workable and flexible and recognizes the valuable role that both parents play in the child’s life. Borserine Law Office represents mothers and fathers in divorce and custody cases, including situations involving Child Protective Services (CPS) and other high-conflict disputes.
  • Child support – This is another hot-button issue. We make sure the court has accurate information about incomes and expenses so that child support is fair to the paying parent while providing for the needs of the child. There may be reasons to deviate from the Texas child support guidelines, and we often get involved in post-divorce modifications or enforcement of child support.

Dispute Resolution And Litigation

Our philosophy at Borserine Law Office is to aim for out-of-court solutions, especially when children are caught in the middle of a divorce. Charity Borserine is a trained family law mediator and CPS mediator. She can work with divorcing couples as a neutral mediator to help them reach a property settlement and parenting agreement. Or she can represent one spouse as their attorney during a mediation conducted by a third party, as well as during traditional negotiations.

Sometimes mediation is not feasible or falls short of a settlement. Ms. Borserine is an effective litigator if your divorce ends up in court. But rather than a scorched-earth approach, she helps you choose your battles wisely. She favors the long view in determining what outcome will best protect your financial interests and the best interests of your children in the aftermath of divorce.

Compassion And Strength For A Difficult Time

Charity Borserine has been divorced herself and has raised children as a single mom and as a parent in a blended family. She understands that you need both legal and moral support during these trying times. You will find her to be a good listener and a powerful advocate. Combined with her sterling credentials in family law and her deep familiarity with the Dallas-Fort Worth family courts, Charity is qualified and motivated to help you through this.

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